Translation and Technology

The advent of the internet made worlds seemingly apart to become a close knit community. This new technology brought with it the development and creation of so many technologies over the last decades. It will not be uncommon to argue that of all technologies birthed by the advent of the internet that communication is one of if not the most important aspect or barrier that was broken. Developments in Perth, Australia can be accessed in seconds in Paris, group of business men in Tokyo can conference call with partners in San Francisco and the capabilities are boundless. Indeed the world has become a global village. Businesses that were able to tap into this new found way of communication could now reach a massive audience to showcase their business and market their products, thereby increasing and expending their portfolios.

Of course, with every advantage comes a disadvantage or to put it with decorum a hitch. And in this case, there was the language barrier. As the internet globalised the world in such a leap, the need to be able to communicate to people of different reaches in a language they could understand became an unprecedented need. The American needed to advertise to the Chinese man and they both speak different languages, but how? The French designer needs to showcase to the rest of the world, speaking mostly English, his new designs, how does he accomplish that feat? And so there were many other language conflicts. Surely some who were able to communicate in different languages were able to overcome this issue. For those who were not endowed with such abilities, the need to get translators became inevitable.

Someone might ask how a translator will help me overcome this issue. Translators have really become an underlying driving force in the world globalisation, making businesses, governments, agencies and individuals in achievement their goals. Be it spreading their businesses across borders, being heard and understood far and wide, decoding many documents et al, the translator is an indispensable tool to achieve such feats. Translators come in various trainings and categories, some are bilingual able to speak and understand two languages while some are multilingual able to speak and understand so many languages. No matter your niche and the language audience you want to get across to, there is a qualified and specialised translator to cater to that need. Even when it comes to application localisation, today’s translators are equal to the task.

Now where do you find such translators and how much do they bill for their services? Well there exists organisations where you can source such services and most times the billing is done according to the type of job and the length of document/book to be translated. Also the language pair matters. For languages which are not common, such as Chinese and other oriental languages where there are a few available translators, the billing might be a bit high. For me, my best place to source for translators is Fiverr. Their jobs are all billed for $5 which is quite cheaper than sourcing those from big wigs with big names. And the jobs I have sourced there were impeccably done. Most of the translations I have sourced were from English to French and vice versa.

Some people will rely on translating applications. No one does it better than a human. Even if one has to use translating applications, such a person must still have a good knowledge of the language he wants his writing translated to. This is because the applications are always full of errors which need to be corrected by a human translator. This tells us that these translating applications can just be an aid.

At the end of it all it is good to say getting a translator to get your job done is indispensable in getting a wide reach and expanding your business in this global village of ours.

I hope this article is informative enough. I will be glad to have inputs and suggestions too.

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Complex Business Solutions and Simple Applications

Programming business solutions into your company from scratch is a very long and arduous process. Even with a competent IT department, the actual development of an application is not easy to come up with. The hours of employee time that it takes to create the technically challenging programs can be exhaustive. This, obviously, is not very cost effective and it detracts from the work that is normally done by the IT staff.

Running software programs that are specifically designed to take those difficult situations and turn them into easy, point and click solutions is a much more cost effective idea. These are programs that have already been exhaustively created, tested, reworked, and made to be applicable for any business. Yet, there are many business owners that are unsure of whether or not this is a fast and effective way to solve their issues.

Technology in business has become so commonplace that most of the time there is little understanding of what actually goes into its creation. The companies that are able to produce this software and run a reliable service for various companies have invested a great deal of time and money into the process. This benefits your business because that is time and money that you do not have to apply while gaining the easy solution that you require.

How can one software program offer solutions to so many different issues and still be effective? This is what cloud computing is all about. The original program is designed to solve a specific problem and the additional issues are resolved through the cloud. This means that you can take on the additional applications that are required for your business to run smoothly and effectively. Because it is run on the cloud concept, you are not required to take on anything that you don’t find beneficial. Applications that are useless should not have to be required in a package purchase.

For small to medium businesses, the idea of creating this sort of wide spread problem solving software is overwhelming. There are many different software programs that offer a wide range of applications. The time devoted to research and software comparison is hardly a fraction of the time that would be devoted to the creation of such software from scratch.

As technology gains its place in the market and businesses come to rely on technological advancement more every day, the continued development of additional simple to integrate applications will help to continue to improve the outlook for small to medium businesses everywhere. The growth of such development will only serve your company more as you will continue to have easy solutions to those complicated problems.

Blackberry Application – Transforming Technology

Research in motion’s Blackberry smart phones have been getting appreciation from last few years because of its unique features. This leading company has aimed at the professional businessmen and has created this phone to provide them with some amazing application which can help them work while travelling.

Blackberry phones are already multi-tasking and provide the user with a lot of benefit. But, as technology is modifying so different other new applications have been emerged to make this handy little device more proficient. There are many businessmen who want to induce some special kind of feature in their phone to make sure that they can grow their business in faster pace.

Downloading free applications may help some who just want to get entertained but getting applications developed according to the need can help you in progress of your business. You can build up your data base in mobile phone or a list of client and customers so that you can get connected with everyone while on the move. You can control your whole business through your mobile phone by having the best Blackberry application.

As the requirement of Blackberry application development is increasing so you can get many developers in the market. There are any companies who are hiring skilled professionals to develop the best application for the client. You can approach any leading company to give you the best application according to your need. You have to make them understand exactly what you want and they will provide some better suggestions to go with the application.

For youngsters, the developers can induce applications which help in listen to their favorite music, arrange them according to the theme and categorize them. They can click photos, edit them over their phone and share it with their friends through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. playing games over the phone is not an issue nowadays as they can download their favorite games with ease and make themselves occupied when they do not have anything to do. They can even start video chat with their friends through Skype, G talk, etc.

For the business-class people they can create a network base. As they travel a lot so they want their handy device to do everything for them. They can plan their daily schedule, check calendar, maintain a to-do list, categorize the list of contact and send mail or receive mail to them. They can even attend conference while they are traveling.

Blackberry application can help in making your mobile phone more efficient and can render you with many benefits. Inducing various applications in your phone can help people to communicate in a better manner. Installing of the variants of application can make your device much more credential. So, with the development of application, you can render more profit.

Exploring the Applications and Potential of VoIP Technology

People who have never heard of VoIP will be surprised to know how this new technology is paving the way to a new era of telecommunications and jumpstarting the way we will use telephony into the future. More and more businesses, from small enterprises to large conglomerates, are slowly moving towards this technology, which sooner or later would be the mainstream form of communications over long distances – even from across the world.

The popularity of VoIP systems are brought about by the cost-effective and high quality features that the system offers users, which they would not obtain from standard PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Networks. As experts point out, VoIP is a very innovative reinvention of the telephony wheel that will revolutionize the way people would communicate in the near future.

What Is VoIP and what are the Principles behind it?

To fully understand VoIP systems or Voice over Internet Protocol networks, one must have an understanding of the principles behind this technology. People communicate with analog audio signals and when standard phones are used for communication, these same set of analog signals are transmitted through the closed circuitry that compose this network. However, the system is limited in terms of bandwidth to cover the wide variety of frequencies that compose the human voice.

VoIP systems on other hand convert analog audio signals, the human voice, into digital signals and this converted data comes in a form that can be transmitted over a high speed internet connection. Instead of a close circuit connection, the same technology that has been used for more than 100 years by telephone networks, VoIP sends signals in packets of digitized information which contains more data per second than standard PSTN lines.

Ways to Make VoIP Calls

There are basically three ways to make a VoIP call. Each of these methods is adapted by users based on their required applications for personal, commercial or business use. VoIP service methods that are currently being used in general at present include:

Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA)

An ATA is basically an analog-to-digital converting device that allows the interconnection of a standard telephone and a computer to facilitate phone calls through a VoIP network. A standard phone is plugged into an ATA socket in the same manner as it is plugged into a wall socket. A software application is then activated to facilitate the VoIP network and phone calls can now be made.

IP Phones

These phones are pretty much the same in appearance as ordinary phones except for their more specialized internal structure and a different connector. Standard phones use RJ-11 connectors while IP phones use RJ-45 connectors, the same type used for Ethernet connections. The software is already built-in, allowing VoIP calls to be made whenever there is a Wi-Fi hot spot or Ethernet jack available for use.

PC to PC calls

Using a headset with built-in headphones and a microphone, PC users can communicate through the VoIP network on their personal computers and communicate with another VoIP user – even if he is on the other side of the world. All you need is the VoIP software and a broadband internet connection and you can start making free calls from anywhere.

VoIP networks are making it easy for individuals and organizations to make cost-effective calls for personal or business use without the need for sophisticated equipment and exorbitant expenses. Aside from that, the wide variety of features, functions and flexibility that VoIP systems offer make it an ideal telecommunications platform with enormous growth potential.

Custom Web Applications and the Cost Effective Solutions

Custom web applications have become very popular at various organizations around the globe. More and more organizations today require their services and solutions to help create effective web applications that help the organization to function smoothly. IT recruitment agencies can help to outsource these solutions to organizations and help in effective application creation and development. These applications can be developed using various technologies; however experienced professionals can use the right technology for organizations and can deliver results which can prove beneficial even in future applications. These agencies can ensure effective application development at reasonable rates and can help organizations to stay in the competition.

Custom web applications should be provided to organizations only once IT recruitment agencies are fully aware of the requirement of the organization and should understand the primary reason for the application. It is essential for organizations to have an effective website in order to run these applications. These agencies can help to provide complete solutions to organizations in a streamlined manner. They can provide professionals who can design and develop creative, interactive and user friendly websites with the latest designs and trends. This helps the organization to build an online presence for them and helps them to increase the business online. IT recruitment agencies can ensure they provide organizations with professionals who possess immense knowledge and can help to create and design custom web applications which can impress the audience. Agencies can provide these applications to organizations both small and large and can help these organizations to achieve growth and success. Custom web applications can help to cater to the users who are becoming more and more dependent on the internet and can help the organization to establish a reputation for the organization with attractive websites.

IT recruitment agencies can outsource custom web application services which can create websites which meet the requirement of organizations. They can help to design and develop the website requirement and can help organizations to achieve their goals. These applications can provide complete services and solutions which includes unique and effective web designs.

Web Application Development – Technology Behind the Success of Every Website!

Development in our life is very much essential. Business starts from a basic level and with the gradual pacing, the business starts to grow and reach a level from where profit begins to bless us. Today, the technology era has blessed human kind with numerous innovations and discoveries that are not only helping in developing our personality but also to leapfrog the technicalities that obstructs the business growth. Web application development has entered a new phase and showing a significance performance to develop the online business and re-shaping the dull websites and its internal discrepancies.

The functionality of Web development services in today’s world is simply awesome. Starting from managing web design to content management, web hosting to e-commerce solutions, custom web applications to application development services etc., this field of expertise has become an inseparable part of any organization that depends on Internet for the sales development. Designing a website can be a simple task, but the proper maintenance and modifying the features within certain period can be a little complex. You need to see the performance of the website in the Internet community and remain updated with the smallest details from where the traffic fluctuates.

Customers will always try to switch more on your website only when they find it user friendly to navigate and possess the advanced application that provides them adequate knowledge and functionality of your services. The ranking will go high only when you are able to synchronize the basic elements to the entire website circuit.

Surviving in today’s cut-throat market is seriously a matter of credibility only when your online community leads the customer building process. Therefore, your website and e-commerce strategies need continuous modifications so that your identity remains special from the competitors. The master tools of web development have the ability to generate a link to your website so easily that the visibility of your site remains top in the search engines. Web development application developers are technically rich people that possess the knowledge of flash, HTML, DHTML, CGI, etc. They also master the design languages like ASP, JAVA, ASP.NET, PHP, etc

If you want to outsource web development services, there are six primary areas where utmost care is required:

· Information Gathering

· Planning

· Design

· Development

· Testing and Delivery

· Maintenance

Web development services in India have really turned out to be in great demand as it is saving time and risk for a major part of the online communities. The productivity of your website is sure if professionals render web development solutions and fulfill your wishes at pocket-friendly costs.

Latest Trends and Technologies in Mobile Phones

As each year passes, mobiles are quickly developing into state-of-the-art electronic devices that are not easy to live without. For instance, mobile phones allow you to:

• Check your email
• Take pictures
• Send text messages
• Listen to music
• Surf the Internet
• Watch videos
• Check social networking sites
• Make reservations
• Find your destination
• And much more

Mobile phones allow you to complete an array of tasks in a short amount of time, making them popular devices.

Application Developments

Many mobile give you the ability to download and add multiple applications that make your life easier. There are thousands of mobile applications that can help you become more efficient at multi-tasking. There are both free and for-fee applications that present you with the ability to find:

• Maps
• Ringtones
• Dinner reservations
• Games
• Grocery lists
• Scheduling assistance

Applications can assist you in organizing both your personal and business tasks — there is literally an application for everything and everyone.

Mobile Phone Technology

Your mobile is similar to a mini-computer that is one of your most useful tools. Mobile phones are becoming user-friendly so that you can easily find what you are looking for. For example, they can come with touch screens, higher megapixel cameras, video capability, functional menus and easy to use web browsers. Being on-the-go with a small portable device that has all of the features you need is important.

Mobile Phone Insurance

With technological advancements comes a heftier price tag. This is why it is essential that you consider the purchase of mobile phone insurance. It provides you with peace of mind in the event that you experience a covered event.

Some of the events that you will not have to worry about once you have a mobile insurance plan are:

• Fraudulent Calls
• Loss
• Theft
• Accidental Damage
• Liquid Damage

You will also get extended warranty coverage and worldwide coverage. Full coverage for your mobile helps you save time and money.

When you have mobile insurance, you will not have to worry about having to come out of pocket for the full retail value of your phone replacement. This means that you can avoid unforeseen expenses that may not fit into your monthly budget. Mobile insurance is there to protect you when you need it the most and can be purchased from only £2.49 per month.

Imperative Tools And Technologies To Develop Real-Time On-Demand Platforms

Mobile technologies has revolutionized every industry and brought business functions on the mobile screens. Business associates have a lot of mobile features to manage their companies’ affairs and therefore, they are rest assured about the management, no matter where they are. They can always take care of their business.

The biggest advantage of being a mobile startup is the opportunity to add more features and services to the business that allows the company to get a competitive advantage in the industry. The taxi industry is among those attractive industries that encourage organizations to keep on adding unique features and facilities to capture the maximum market. When Uber started its operations in 2009, the company didn’t stop innovating its services and it is because of their efforts and hard work that they managed to introduce the concept of mobile taxi applications, thus adding convenience and ease to their business.

The best part is that other companies followed the trend and added their own ideas to make their mobile taxi applications different from what Uber or their competitors possess. However, for a taxi startup, there are two fundamental parameters that should be communicated to the mobile application developer so that they can develop an app accordingly:

• Maximum Transparency: In order to develop a reliable and trustworthy taxi booking application, the taxi company must follow the fair pricing policy and keep their booking rates affordable for every type of customer. Booking rates are one of the crucial factors to predict the success of the mobile app because if they are not suitable for most of the customers, the company would end up with having a certain class as their customers.
• Efficiency in Hiring: Most of the customers want instant response for their requests while, taxi drivers do not want to sit idle and therefore, they always want to remain engaged in the work. The app developer should integrate symbiotic mechanism to provide the best solution to satisfy both, the drivers and customers.

Let’s now have a look at the necessary tools and techniques that will help taxi companies to create a high quality real-time on-demand taxi platform.

GPS-Driven Maps and Locations

Mobile taxi applications are required to be user-friendly so that they can handle multi-user requests and customers are rest assured that the vehicle is going to arrive soon. For this, the driver should use ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) feature to let the customers know about when he/she will pick them and what would be the best route to carry them to the destination.

Integrated Payment System

There are different methods to integrate payment system. To make the mobile taxi application efficient and performance-oriented, the app developer has to find out the most suitable framework in order to be sure that it supports customers and keep them satisfied with the service. The available frameworks include:

• Braintree payment system: Collects customers’ payment information through the client SDK
• Venmo Touch: One-tap purchase without credit card information
• Stripe APIs: The most developer-friendly API for cross-platform application development
• PayPal SDK: NVP/SOAP and RESTful APIs allow to create a simple payment platform with different languages

Push Notifications

In order to implement this feature, taxi companies have to incorporate Apple Push Notification Service for iPhone users and Google Cloud Messaging Service (GCM) for Android users. This way, the communication between the drivers and passengers remain effective and they can easily track one another.

The Legal System and Technology in the 21st Century

Technology has linked its way into just about every facet of human lifestyles. For your edification, this continuing discussion, as well as an addition to previous study formats. In offering this informational passage, the legal system is just one more profession that has been conquered by technology.

We are aware of the court stenographers and PC’s that record and track our legal system, but what about the C.G.A. System? The Computer Generated Animation Presentation can be admitted into our American Court System. Admissible Evidence in criminal trial(s) has been recorded as a precedent case ruled on by the Supreme Court. As reported by Asher Hawkins, of the Legal Intelligencer, differing arguments by six Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices concluded that a Lackawana Common Pleas Judge properly admitted the use of CGA during a first-degree murder case in 2002. CGA has been portrayed on various television shows such as CSI Investigation(s) and Crime 360.

Justice Sandra Schultz Newman wrote, “Society has become increasingly dependent upon computers in business and our personal lives…” She went on the say, “With each technological advancement, the practice of law becomes more sophisticated and commensurate with the need to shed any techno phobia and become more willing to embrace the advances that have the ability to enhance the efficiency of the legal system.”

Prosecutorial teams, including Forensic Pathologists and Crime Scene Reconstructionists presented a murder case to the jury; the prosecutor’s version…the defendant did not possess and/or have access to this tool. One argument against this procedure in court is of a defendant, a poor person, is able to commission an equivalent production. In other words, would the defense be able to match the expenses associated with the prosecutions presentation to the court? Another justice suggested it would be wiser to exclude CGA evidence if an indigent or poor defendant could not afford the costs of “equivalent production.” The basic cost could be upwards of $20,000.00. Another legal professional commented on whether the cost(s) of CGA was worth the expenditure. The justices also took note on the fact that CGA’s are becoming increasingly less expensive to produce and could be a vital tool in the rapid expedition of court cases. In any case, pre-trial motions that include CGA evidence should be treated with respect. Jury instructions and indigent (lacking food, clothing, and other necessities of life because of poverty; needy; poor; impoverished, destitute) defendants are needed with the court’s permission for the presenting of such evidence.

The judges position was to make certain that Computer Generated Animation was fair and accurate while permitting defendants an opportunity to challenge its foundation. It has also been noted by the justices, to make clear to the jury that it was not meant as a re-enactment or simulation, but merely an expression of opinions formulated by expert witnesses. Another justice stated his position…”I think it’s a valuable tool, but a tool that needs to be used sparingly. I don’t think it’s necessary in every case.” Newman also wrote, “The difference is one of mode, the law does not, and should not; prohibit proficient professional employment of new technology in the court-room. This is, after all, the 21st century.”

Each state has its own court system. There’s also a system of federal courts. Decisions made during adjudication by federal administration agencies may be appealed to a federal court. Similarly, decisions made by state administrative agencies may be appealed to a state court. The definition for adjudication (adjudicate) is to render a judicial decision. In the administrative process, the proceeding in which and administrative law judge hears and decides on issues that arise when an administrative agency charges a person or a firm with violating the law or regulations enforced by the agency. An administrative agency is a state or federal government agency established to perform a specific function. Administrative agencies are authorized by legislative acts to make and enforce rules to administer and enforce the acts.

Typically, a state court system will include several levels, or tiers, of courts – (a) trial courts of limited jurisdiction, (b) trail courts of general jurisdiction, (c) appellate courts, and (d) the states highest court (often referred to as the State Supreme Court). Anyone who is party to a lawsuit has the opportunity, and/or right, to plead his/her case before a trial court and then if he/she loses, before at least one level of appellate court. Furthermore, if a federal statute of federal constitutional issue is involved in the decision of the State Supreme Court, that decision may be further appealed to the United States Supreme Court.

Have you ever wondered, with all the juris prudence (the science or philosophy of law, a body or system of laws, a department of law, Civil Law. decisions of courts, esp. of reviewing tribunals) activities flooding the land, how could the legal system function without technology?

Monica Bay, of Law Technology News, reported of lawyers at small firms, especially solo practitioners, have resisted adopting practice/case management (CMS) software – even though there’s no doubt that it can help firms deliver faster, better, and cheaper services to their clients. Several observers suggest that the initial threshold of setting up a management system intimidates firms. A software consultant, Tom O’Connor said, “Everybody loves technology but hates installing it.”

Project Management has not been a topic stressed in many schools, according to an independent IT consultant from Minneapolis. A successful project management is dependent upon a large network of personnel. An effective Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) Project Network includes: clients, partners, legal IT staff, associates, paralegals, inside counsel, service providers, and technical experts. Without a doubt, the use of (PM) Project Management to mitigate risk while delivering consistent, quality results that represents significant benchmark(s) in the maturing process of the EDD environment.

Used in many corporations to increase productivity, quality control programs such as Sigma Six, have been generating interest. Understanding why and where problems occur has a great impact on the decrease in mistakes. The application of these principles and practices on Electronic Data Discovery processes improve a lawyer(s) result(s) with increased quality and decreased costs. Reasons for rising interest in Project Management are recognition in the success depends on effective management.

Mitigating risk and lowering cost by applying “Electronic Discovery Techniques” offered a myriad of considerations, for example, matching time tables, securing outside IT experts, propose and follow “E-Discovery” protocol, engagement of a special master to monitor compliance and resolvement of disputes, use of checklist(s) containing critical steps and reminders for every step in and of a project, working service providers, working with attorneys to find answers to the right questions, as managing vendors require special attention to service level agreements (SLA’a).

Meanwhile, discover these definitions/terms of legal jargon that may help you in your administration, business, everyday life, and tech studies:

Subrogation – any right a creditor has against a debtor now becomes the right of surety. Inclusive are creditor rights in bankruptcy, rights to collateral possession by the creditor, and rights to judgments secured by the creditor – the surety now stands in the shoes of the creditor against the debtor.

Indemnification – The right to pursue guaranteed reimbursement/payment to a director for legal costs, fees, and/or judgments involved in defending corporations – (clients) related law suits. Simply put the right to compensation for services as directors (representatives/attorneys).

Habeas Corpus – held against your will – against your constitutional right(s), a writ requiring a person to be brought before a judge or court, esp. for investigation of a restraint of the person’s liberty, used as a protection against illegal imprisonment, one of a variety of writs that may be issued to bring a party before a court or judge, having as its function the release of the party from unlawful restraint.

Writ – a legal order, a document of the court.

Tort – personal injury, a civil wrong not arising from a breach of contract…a breach of a legal duty that proximately causes harm or injury to another.

Posterity – the offspring of one progenitor to the furthest generation; descendants; all future generations; succeeding or future generations collectively; Judgment of this age must be left to posterity; all descendants of one person.

HIPPA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was enacted to ensure that personal information stored, accessed or processed adheres to a set of guidelines or “security rules.” These rules outline security measures that should be implemented to adequately secure all electronic protected health information (EPHI). LogRhythm directly meets some HIPAA requirements, reduces the cost of complying with others, and it features out-of-the box HIPAA reporting packages.

SOX – require public companies to create, monitor, and manage controls over many aspects of their financial reporting. Some companies have found that such transparency doesn’t come easily. The rules require not only new processes, but also fresh tools that can determine whether systems and reporting standards are up to snuff. In general, SOX applications can be classified into three main market segments, according to Forrester Research. Those in the enterprise-application space include Oracle and SAP; IBM and Stellent fall under the enterprise-content management (ECM) heading; and OpenPages and Paisley Consulting are considered specialists, competing with Certus, HandySoft, and other pure-play vendors.

Business Intelligence – Information Applications and Dashboards

The terms Business intelligence (BI) and Information Applications are often used interchangeably to refer to the broad category of technologies for consolidating, reporting and analyzing enterprise data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. BI or Information applications span the spectrum of ETL (Extract-Transform and Load) tools, the activities of decision support systems, query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical and predictive analysis, in-memory data manipulation and performance management tools and applications.

Business intelligence applications can be internal which include applications such as customer intelligence, expense and budgeting, HR or outside the firewall which are self-service applications designed for customers and partners or suppliers. Over the last decade, BI applications have helped organizations consolidate and analyze mission-critical information integral to an enterprise’s operations and have become the central source of truth driven by user demand.

Innovative companies recognize the limitations of the traditional enterprise BI model and made a strategic commitment to open source for the future of its product-line. Open source technology was the key to responding to three significant trends that were emerging in the BI industry due to user demands:

• More Sophisticated, Interactive Graphics for Online Information Visualization – Google, Amazon, and Yahoo were changing user expectations for what information looks like on the Web and now, with the advent of Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications, the expectation for that information was to be highly interactive.

• Web Design Metaphor – The process of designing web pages was creating a new standard in how to lay out and develop documents. This new community of developers needed an alternative to the traditional banded-report writers.

• Open Source – Open source was emerging as a method of developing, distributing and licensing software in order to achieve the innovation, accelerated development cycle and market-demanded feature-set created due to the participation of a community of developers.

These products add Flash visualizations into applications developed using BIRT open source reporting, improve the user’s experience viewing and interacting with BIRT web pages, supply special-purpose data access approaches, add scheduling, security, document management and finally reliability, performance and scalability features for enterprise implementations.